Hey, My name is Mike Spence, Founder of Eclipse Trade and Investments.  Over the years we have created many products, including T-shirts. We have advertised on many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and more.

We are looking for Bloggers, Facebook Page Owners, and Website Owners to help promote our products on a Affiliate Commission Basis.  

The Concept is Simple:


  1. You agree to become a affiliate marketing partner with us, with your website, facebook page, twitter account, etc. We will agree on a T-shirt or product to promote,  How many people it will reach, and the commission rate.
  2. We will create a specific campaign where your followers can recieve either free shipping, a discount using a discount code or maybe both
  3. You will post or write about the product on your website, page, or blog and promote the product or t-shirt for a certain amount of  time or how ever long the campaign last.
  4. Once the campaign has ended, we will count the amount of sales, with commission. We will provide a screen shot of the campaign, with all the figures.
  5. Our company will cut you a check.

We currently have shirts relating to weightlifting, beer, food(bacon), fishing and more. Contact us with an description and link to your website, blog and facebook page. Please provide internet traffic figures and other information in relation to it. Email us at: SpenceTrading@gmail.com and we will discuss the opportunity further!


Thank You