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Mike Spence


July 15, 2017



Offensive Weightlifting T-shirt launched on Teespring by Eclipse Trading


Eclipse Trade and Investments has created and launched a new weightlifting t-shirt on the Teespring platform, the company has also created a youtube video on the companies Youtube channel showcasing the t-shirt.  The t-shirt states: “Just another super cocky, crazy obnoxious, 6 pick having, chick magnet, meat head type of guy, your girlfriend dreams about!

“We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the typical beer, bacon, political t-shirts that have been created in the past” States,  Mike Spence, Founder of Eclipse Trade and Investments. The shirt is targeted toward people that work out and weight lifters all around the world. Not only is the shirt featured in a Youtube video, but the also on the Teespring t-shirt platform. “The t-shirt was not created to offend anyone, but just to create some laughs and smiles” states, Mike Spence.

About Eclipse Trade and Investment

Eclipse Trade and Investment was founded in DeKalb, IL by Mike Spence. The company creates variety of products, from skin care products to t-shirts and certain investments such as Forex.

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