New Bacon T-Shirt Designs by Eclipse Trading Now Offered on Teespring


United States, 5th July 2017 – Eclipse Trading, an independent creator of high quality customized apparel syndicates the latest designs of Bacon T-shirt collection at Teespring for online shoppers. The new Bacon-inspired T-shirt is now available at Teespring online platform for fun-loving shoppers who want to fully express their love for bacon and quality custom apparel.


Eclipse Trading provides novelty funny personalized designs to unleash individuality. “For over the years, the company delivers uniquely designed apparels. We believe wearing the new bacon T-shirt is an excellent way to communicate your unique personality. These days, many people love the idea of wearing personalized apparels that reflect their personal beliefs and values using a wide variety of messages and styles. We’re very excited to set foot on Teespring online store as we foresee a demand for our novelty designs”, says Eclipse Trading CEO.


Eclipse Trading caters the fast-paced growth and development of customized apparels. Teespring online platform will serve as Eclipse Trading’s digital outlet to reach a wider audience and contribute in customized apparel industry. The newest Bacon T-shirt design is specifically created for free-spirited and fun-loving individuals who like T-shirt and bacon at the same time.


Teespring is an online platform for personalized apparel. It handles distribution of custom apparels and customer support associated with orders place on the website. Teespring is the perfect place to find and purchase your favorite Bacon-inspired T-shirt by Eclipse Trading.


“The bacon inspired design is the perfect way to show off your unique fashion sense and how much you love bacon. Our Bacon T-shirt collection will totally get you noticed. At Teespring, you’ll enjoy browsing through Bacon T-shirt exclusives at extremely affordable price. You will also enjoy personalized and convenient ordering, fast processing and delivery options as soon as you place your Bacon shirt order”, CEO of Eclipse Trading added.


The company aims to give quality online shopping experience from start to end. The collection boasts the finest bacon art designs crafted using premium materials for every apparel. The bacon T-shirt also makes a perfect gift to either cheer someone up or simply make them feel how much you care for them especially if you share the same love for bacon.


Every design is screen-printed and undergoes rigid quality control system. This process helps to ensure customers are only getting high quality products from Eclipse Trading collection. There is also limitless variety of styles, colors and sizes for age, gender and body variety.


Eclipse Trading does not only aim to become globally competitive in personalized apparel industry. It aims to cater the demands of bacon lovers and personalized apparel enthusiasts for high quality and uniquely designed personalized shirts. The company has been in the custom apparel industry for several years and it has now thousands of customers and clients around the world.




About the Eclipse Trading

Eclipse Trading is a premium provider and independent creator of customized apparel. The company is well-known for its cool novelty and funny Bacon T-Shirt designs. Eclipse trading has thousands of online customers worldwide. It offers 100% cotton, uniquely designed, heavy duty and true to size apparels.